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  • Belts
  • Delve Fossils
  • Gloves
  • Q 20% Skill Gems
  • Rings
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  • Maps
  • Clothes
  • Two-Handed Weapon
  • Boots
  • Amulets
  • Belts
  • Gloves
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Path Of Exile items about game

Path of Exile is an online action RPG developed by independent developer Grinding Gear Games based in New Zealand. With a character you control an overhead perspective, you explore large outdoor areas and underground caves of dungeons, while battling against monsters and fulfilling quests NPCs to gain experience points.

Why buy POE items at IGVault?

At IGVault, we do not want Path Of Exile players to be left behind in the game just because of lack of POE items.

Therefore, we have been offering players with cheap POE items. Thousands of POE players has been trusting us, as our powerful delivery system helps us guarantee a fast delivery.

How to receive your POE items?

We use the 'Face to Face' delivery method for all the POE items orders.

The face to face delivery method requires both our presence and yours at the same time in the game.

Therefore, after having placed your order on IGVault, please contact us via our 24/7 Live Support. If you know the coordinates of our meeting point for this game, you can use the 'I’m online' button on IGVault, which is a way to notify us that you are waiting for us in the game.

What do we guarantee?

The safety of your account is something that really matters to us, which is why our transactions are cautiously undertaken.

In the very rare case that your account is suspended or your POE items is confiscated because of a transaction with IGVault, a full compensation would be given to you, whether it is a re-delivery of POE items or a full refund, once IGVault’s involvement is confirmed.


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