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Jewel Box Event Guide in SilkRoad Online (2012-05-09)
The Jewel Box Event is a limited-time holiday event,released in the version Legend III Plus,a new update for historical fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online.
During the whole event,you can hunt down monsters to collect jewel box,which will be drop randomly.After you have collected certain amount of Jewel boxes,just talk to NPC to exchange Jewel boxes to special reward items,including the new A grade Devil’s Spirits,the B grade Devil’s Spirits and a variety of other items.
The newly Devil's Spirits,which can be purchased with cash at Item Mall,have greater powers than those rewarded through the event.Once equipped,Devil’s Spirits give players the ability to transform into a demon,temporarily increasing health power,magic power,damage,and movement speed.The B grade Devil's Spirit,which cannot upgrade or enchant any magic options with alchemy, provides level 1 transforming and abilities and 5 percent boosts with health power,magic power,damage,and movement speed.
The A grade Devil’s Spirits,which also can be modified alchemically or enhanced with magic options,provides level 2 transforming and provides health power and magic power with 15 percent boosts in standard or 15 percent boosts in maximum.Damages increased by 20% in standard or 30% in maximum with damage block 2.While movement speed increased by 10% in standard or 20% in maximum.

Etiquetas:  SRO Gold

Temple of Heroes of Alexandria in Silkroad Online (2012-04-27)
The Temple,also known as job Temple,is the dangerous instance dungeon where player vs player(PVP) combat and hunting are permitted,released in Silkroad Online Legend 5 Version:Heroes of Alexandria recently.
The Temple only opens to the players with level 105 and job level 71 or above,and you need to wear PK clothes or job clothes to enter the dungeon. Summoning transportation should be learned first.There are 6 unique bosses in the temple:Selket,Neith,Anubis,Isis,Haroeris,and Seth.Selket and Neith spawn twice a day,the first spawn time is at 12.30am and the second spawn time is at 10.00am.Anubis and Isis also spawn twice a day,the first spawn time is at 2.00am and the second spawn time is at 11.30am.Haroeris spawns twice a day as well,the first spawn time is at 3.30am and the second spawn time is at 1.00pm.Seth only spawns after Haroeris is killed.All the spawn time is according to the silkroad standard time.
Once unique bosses are hunted down,players may obtain two kind of coins during the dungeon,silver coins and gold coins.Besides,there are three new sets in Legend 5,including Azus Light Set,Kesta Set and Apetifi Set.Players can only trade certain amount of coins collected from the temple for all three new sets at item exchange store.

Etiquetas:  SRO Gold

Tomb of Pharaoh in Silkroad Online (2012-04-20)
Tomb of Pharaoh is the very first party-based instance dungeon,which is released in Silkroad Online Legend 5 Version:Heroes of Alexandria recently.
Tomb of Pharaoh is divided into three different difficulties:beginners,intermediate,and advanced.According to difficulties,monster levels,experience and skill points,drop items can be different during the dungeon.Players with level 100 and above can enter the dungeon freely up to twice per day from Silkroad standard time 00:00 to 24:00.Before you enter the dungeon,you need to form a party with 2 to 8 members.If you want to enter the intermediate dungeon,you need to complete the quest:The Overdriving Heart. The dungeon,entered with the teleport in the southeast sand-swept region of Egypt,will last 2 hours,if you disconnect during the dungeon,you can enter again after 2 hours.Besides,players will be evicted after 2 hours in the dungeon.
The inside of the tomb is divided into six main sections,each serving as the entrance point and spawn for the unique bosses that will appear.Potions, party buffs, scrolls, and magic defenses will all be needed when fighting bosses.Once unique mobs are hunted down,randomly coins will be dropt.There are two kinds of cions in Silkroad,silver coins and gold coins.Players can gain silver coins from the dungeon,which can be exchanged for set items at item exchange store.There’s even a chance that you may gain one of Legend 5’s new eleventh-grade weapons.

Etiquetas:  SRO Gold

Fortress War in Silkroad Online (2012-04-17)
The fortress war is a multiple dungeon which opens on Friday with up to 300 players participated,and proceeds with every other week after starting the first fortress war in Silkroad Online.
A fortress consists of components playing the key roles of the fortress war including:the heart of the fortress,the castle gate for defending the fortress,defending camps,the guard tower,obstacles for installing items,a command post and the war flags.All the fortresses are located in the vicinity of large cities or trading centers.The fortress war process consists of three parts:being prepared for a fortress war,run of a fortress war,and completion of a fortress war.The guilds need to submit to the fortress clerk in a period from Monday till Wednesday of a week to apply for a fortress war when a fortress war takes place.
The guilds need to complete a fortress war in the order of intrusion into the exterior castle,destruction of the guard towers,and destruction of the heart of the fortress.The guild,occupying a fortress upon completion of the fortress war,becomes the owner of the fortress.The winner,entitled to occupy the fortress for one week,can fix tax rate on every saturday and levy taxes in large cities or at trading centers,ferries,private boats and tunnels.Besides,any guild occupying the fortress including the alliance guilds can move to the gate of charge,the gate of glory or the adjacent large city outside the exterior castle through Gate of Revival inside the exterior castle.

Etiquetas:  SRO Gold

Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor in Silkroad online (2012-03-30)
Tomb of Qin-Shi Emperor is a new dungeon in Silkroad online,hidden in the mountains east of Jangan,which holds 49 different types of high level monsters.If you want to explore the dungeon,you need to form a party first.
The tomb was constructed by the Emperor Qin-Shi and the thousand-year-old white viper,BeakYung,which consists of six underground floors.Only those players with level 70 or above can enter the dungeon.The 1st floor of the tomb is called Audience Chamber,which has the largest area in the Tomb.The mobs range from level 81 to 85,including Tomb Soldier,Stone,Archer,Warrior,Guard,and Bowman.
The 2nd floor is called Military Camp,which forms a comples structure that makes it difficult for the invaders to rob Emperor Qin-Shi's treasures.The mobs range from level 86 to 90,including Tomb Hunter,Ghost,Spirit,and Royal Soldier.Besides,there are four rooms in the floor:Courage,Test(Trial),Hero and Challenge.You need to obtain 4 different keys droped by mobs in the floor,respectively Courage Key,Trail Key,Challenge Key and Hero Key,which are used to open the different boxes in four rooms.
The 3rd floor of the tomb is called Viper Caves,where the caves of man-viper race begin to appear.The mobs range from level 90 to 95,including Tomb Bug,Beetle,and Pest,Tomb Snakeman,Tomb Snake Slave,Woman, Demon,lady,and Servant.There are four different caves leading to the 4th floor.But it is not so easily to find the correct way out of the floor.
The 4th floor is called Hall of Vipers,where the most powerful monsters will spawn.The gate to the 5th floor, located in the heart of the Hall,only opens 4 time a day in every 6 hours.The mobs in the floor are rather strong, ranged from level 96 to 99,including Tomb Snake Devil,Mistress,Worker,Soul,Master,and Lord.
The 5th floor of the tomb is called Fire Spirits,which is the home of the Four Guardians and ShinMoo,ranged from level 98 to 100.The Four Guardians and ShinMoo spawn respectively in the North, West, South, East and Center in the floor.The ShimMoo,the man of Flames,only spawns after the Four Guardians are killed.After it's killed,the gate to the 6th floor will appear in the center.
The 6th floor is called Viper Spirits,which is the final floor of the tomb,consists of four chambers:the White Viper Chamber,the Black Viper Chamber,the Guardian Chamber,and the Man-viper Chamber.The final boss of the tomb,BeakYung,is in the White Viper Chamber.

Etiquetas:  SRO Gold

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